Friday, December 19, 2008

Siskel & Ebert on ‘The Commitments’

Yep, I found a Siskel & Ebert clip that fits the theme of Funky Whiteboy Appreciation Week. They reviewed “The Commitments” in 1991.

But the clip isn’t on YouTube, so follow this link to watch it on an official Disney Co. website. (Which means you’ll have to sit through a commercial.)

Roger Ebert dug “The Commitments,” Gene Siskel did not. Roger got kinda pissy with Gene, actually. Ahh, good times.

By the way, do you ever wonder what happened to Andrew Strong, the soulful lead singer of that fictional Irish band, the Commitments? Strong was only 16 when the movie was made.

Well, he has had a successful recording career overseas. Click here to hear “24/7 Lover” on my Vox blog. It’s from Strong’s 2002 album “Gypsy’s Kiss.”

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Hi there!

I really do miss Siskel & Ebert! There will never be another show like it!

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!