Sunday, December 14, 2008

Funky Whiteboy Appreciation Week

I’ve got something special planned for the coming week. This entire blog will be devoted to a celebration of funky whiteboys. Gonna be some great music streaming... plus some interesting free downloads and video clips.

And I’ll be handing the mic to a few guest writers. You don’t wanna miss Funky Whiteboy Appreciation Week!

Here’s a little appetizer from Paul Shaffer. If you’ve been watching David Letterman through the years, you know how funky Paul can be. I still get a tingle up my leg whenever the band goes into a commercial break with some Curtis Mayfield or P-Funk.

I actually saw Paul Shaffer sit in with Parliament-Funkadelic during a 1990s New York gig.

Shaffer released a studio version of the P-Funk monster jam “(Not Just) Knee Deep” in 1993 (on a double-CD called “The World’s Most Dangerous Party”). Click here to hear it on my Vox blog.


Anonymous said...

do tell..who will your esteemed guests be?

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Well, tomorrow's guest will be filmmaker Reginald Hudlin.

bklyn6 said...

I didn't realize Shaffer was "funky." (But, I don't watch Letterman, so....)

I didn't find out that the Soul Survivors were white until a couple of weeks ago!

Anyway, thanks for Wild Cherry on UBM TV. That's the joint!

Anonymous said...

Ok, love Mr. Hudlin. Still quote Boomerang to the chagrin of my relatives...but, UBM, he is not white. Agree with Wild Cherry. Tis my ring tone.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Perhaps I misconstrued you, anon. I thought you were asking about the guest writers... not our honored subjects. My bad.

Anonymous said...

nope. my bad. my jump in logic was that the guest writers would be funky white guys. which, in hindsight, makes no sense. duh!

looking forward to what, i am sure, will be an interesting celebratory week....

dickster1961 said...

but do you have enough material for a whole week of funky white guys?

Undercover Black Man said...

^ And then some! (It helps that we included Europe. They're ass-deep in it over there.)

dickster1961 said...

^ And then some! (It helps that we included Europe. They're ass-deep in it over there.)

I can hardly wait. It will be nice to see that some of have some funk.

Andrew said...

While including Europe makes this project a bit too easy, the degree of difficulty is made up for starting off with a damn Canadian.

DeAngelo Starnes said...

Nice lead-off, Dave. As squirrelish he may appear, Paul is a true P-Funkster. Witnessed more than once. And the original make-up of his band, Will Lee, Hiram Bullock, and Steve Jordan is the evidence. said...

Hey there!

I can't wait to see WHO the Funky Whiteboys are!!


Yes, Paul is definitely a funky white boy!

{thumbs up}

I know that others will laugh but Anderson Cooper is one funky white boy! Remember when he told Donna Brazile he wanted to be her boo on the air?! *LOL*

Another funky white boy...Sidney Pollack....

And how about Clint Eastwood...

And you know we can't forget "Say hello to my little friend" Al Pacino!



maria said...

what do you think of "wiggers?" i always found this offensive.

Dollar Bill said...

Funny how the same conversations are croppin' up all over.

I blame it on the recently aired PBS special on David Foster.

As I commented elsewhere,I put Paul in the same basket as Foster.

Do they appreciate Funk/Soul and surround themselves with the best players?


Can they play themselves?


Can they write or arrange Funky?

Hell no.

Freshly cut cheese.

Paul gets the highest points for the bumper music on Letterman,but just does't have "it".

I have also seen him play and serve as musical director for a number of events,with the same result.

He can play his ass off,but something always sounds off to me,especially when it is his (re)arrangement.

I'm pretty confident I can do blind listening tests and pick him out.

Like Foster & Shaffer,I am also a white Canadian that loves Funk & Soul and wish I could use them as shinning examples of Funky White Boys,but my nose would grow.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Really, Dollar? Listen to this and tell me how cheesily it's arranged.

It was written by Ashford & Simpson, vocals arranged by George Clinton. But that's Shaffer on the Hammond B3, and he co-produced the track... for his 1989 album "Coast to Coast."

Dollar Bill said...

I'm sorry David.
As I say a great player,with true love for the music and artists,but I don't feel him.

Really are there any bad B3 players?
Who sucks at B3 but is still willing to haul around even a chopped or Porta B and a Leslie?

Those guys were the first to pick up the evil DX-7

Don't think that track really showcases anything out of the norm from him either.

It's probably just be me.

The original Letterman theme was probably the best I have heard,but most of his stuff is still right at home with SNL and Murray beltin' out Star Wars.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Maybe you're a self-hating Canuck.


KeWayne said...

Undercover Black Man said...
^ Maybe you're a self-hating Canuck.

I thought only hockey players were still in Canada after 12/1. Every Canadian I know, including my brother, is usually in Myrtle Beach or Florida by this time of the year listening to Island music...

Dollar Bill said...

Someone has to stay behind to sell Hockey players records.

They have a affinity for vinyl as they like to watch the stylus,skate through the grooves.

Trust me I would rather be in Barbados right now,but I swore a oath to do my part in keepin' it Funky up here 24/8 366&1/2.

Mr.Cheese Doodle just received one of the top honors(Order Of Canada) up here,which is funny,because he has barely set foot in Canada,since he left Thunder Bay.

Robert Newman said...

Paul Shaffer co-wrote the Weather Girls hit song "It's Raining Men." I think he did some other stuff with them, too. His funky credentials go way back.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Let's not forget Paul's accompaniment of Garrett Morris in 1976 on "I'm Gonna Get Me a Shotgun and Kill All the Whiteys I See."