Thursday, December 18, 2008

A free Lee Oskar download

War was the only funk band to feature a harmonica prominently in the mix. The man blowing that harmonica was born in Copenhagen, Denmark. His name is Lee Oskar.

Oskar also put out a few albums under his own name. Let me point you to a FREE MP3 from a 2007 digital album called “The Best of Lee Oskar.”

To hear “La Playa” streaming on my Vox blog, click here.

To download it, you need to make a few moves. Go to the Lowrider Band website, click where it says “download,” then click where it says “mp3s.” You’ll see “La Playa” listed. (It’ll download as a ZIP file.)

So... what is the “Lowrider Band”? That’s the name under which most of War’s original members – including Oskar – now tour. (I don’t even wanna know about the legal nightmare surrounding rights to the name “War.”)

Lee Oskar has made such an impact with his instrument, he now manufactures and markets his own line of high-end harmonicas.


Davis said...

Reunited, complete & retouring War of the early 90's was an amazing sight.
Lonnie Jordn and the original mamager own the name War, Harold Brown and them are some angry dudes.
It's all a damn shame if you ask me, because the sum of the original group is far greater than the individual parts.

bklyn6 said...

I didn't immediately recognize the name, but when I saw the word "harmonica" it clicked! How could I forget that afro.

Speaking of War I've been trying to find "Good, Good Feeling." I know it's on The Best of War and More, Vol. 2. I tried ordering it, but the seller sold me Vol. 1. instead.

I thought Harold Brown was hot. :-)

Invisible Woman said...

My mom played the hayell out of Lee Oskar back in the day. He might be the only one that can play the harp and not make it seen quaint, corny, or cute.

I had no idea he was from Denmark. said...

Lee Oskar?

I had forgotten that name!

How I could...I don't even know....