Saturday, December 6, 2008

A free Candy Coated Killahz download

Today’s FREE MP3 comes from a Canadian duo called Candy Coated Killahz.

Click here to hear “Playboy” on my Vox blog. (Mmmm... synthy goodness.) To download it, follow this link to


Geneva Girl said...

Reminded me of the stuff I heard in the clubs in the 80s sorta kinda like Tainted Love. I'll pass on the free download. Thanks any way.

Totally, TOTALLY off subject. (Sorry.) I was in one of my very rare, "let me watch some French TV" moods last night and got hooked on the Miss France competition. A very cute, vivacious black competitor, Chloé Mortaud, won. Based on my horrific French, I think she was the only one who had anything decent to say in her interview. Mr. Geneva was more impressed with the bounce in her bikini.

Actually, three of the five finalists were black. Miss Mayotte (I'll have to get out the map to find that island) said she was going to be the French Obama.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Thanks for that, GG. I'm on it.