Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A free Magic Slim download

Yes, it’s all about Chicago this week. Chicago blues, that is.

Morris Holt – a.k.a. Magic Slim – was born in Mississippi and moved to Chicago to make his name as an electric bluesman.

A track from his 2007 compilation album, “The Essential Magic Slim,” is available as a FREE MP3.

Click here to hear “Crazy Woman” on my Vox blog. To download it, click the song title below.

“Crazy Woman” (MP3)
Album available at eMusic
Album available at Amazon MP3


MacDaddy said...

Good time, house rocking blues. Lots of uptempo dance numbers mixed with long, slow blues, the kind that lets you dance real close, real slow to your partner. It's basic blues that goes to the soul.

destruction said...

I KNEW u were gonna do him...Didn't know it would be so soon though. Bluesmen of a Lesser God. And I use the term to refer to their exposure vs. the Bigger Guys at Chess.

I picked up my first Slim album in a pawnshop in Greenville, MS. It was one of Cobra releases. I told the guy that I was just really getting into the blues. He guy said, "Well I hope you like it, it was my personal"

Can Jimmy Rogers and the "other" JB be far behind.

destruction said...

Ooops....I took a closer look at the pic...and the name....and realized I just made my first MBM. I'm thinking about Magic Sam. Slim is the guy that switched instruments because he lost one of fingers I believe.

Kellybelle said...

On your side bar--is there a better song than "Wang Dang Doodle?" I am gonna pitch onebefore I die.

MacDaddy said...

Hey, destruction: Magic Sam and Magic Slim were close friends, from the same area in Mississippi. When Magic Slim first came to Chicago, he was laughed off the stage. They said he played too "country." He went back to Mississippi. Magic Sam, who was one of the greatest guitarists in Chicago, worked with him. When Magic Slim came back Chi town, he tore it up. He's been great ever since. During that time, he had another great guitarist that a lot of people don't know about-- John Primer-- playing with him. Also his brother, a fantastic bassist.

So, destruction, you weren't too far off.