Friday, October 17, 2008

Some free Black Kids downloads

Got some Black Kids news to share. First, my favorite new rock band is scheduled to perform tonight on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” Go, Black Kids!

Next, the Kids recorded three new versions of songs from their debut album (live in-studio) for the indie-music site Daytrotter. Those tracks are available as FREE MP3s.

Click here to hear one of them – “I Wanna Be Your Limousine” – on my Vox blog. To download the freebies, follow this link.


fishesalot said...

Thanks for the Little Milton sidebar, it was a treat. He had that vintage 355 talking as he just laid back in the cut squeezing the moans and groans out of that pentatonic. Its amazing how a lot of good blues players use just two or three fingers on the left hand.

If you happen to run across Johnny Guitar Watson doing "Real Motha for Ya" do us a big solid and please post it!


Undercover Black Man said...

^ Cool. By the way, fishesalot... I just found out who you is, cuz! I need to run across some Mandrill too and post that.


fishesalot said...

Say what, who in tarnation do you think I am?

Undercover Black Man said...

Uhhh... Joaquin?

fishesalot said...

...nope, good try though. Did someone tell you that or something, ...just curious.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Yah, I visited my sister in Charlotte last week, and she had talked to our Aunt Georgia.

fishesalot said...

...Aunt Georgia??? ...dude, my name is Umbdwahli WaohielX!! from the province of....

OK, ya got me, I've been exposed.

WHASUP CUZ! Been following your blog with much dedication for some time now. Since I have a tendency to blurt crazy shite I tend to be a passive reader most of the time, but as you see I almost always come out whenever you put up some funky 6 string action ..or hot random wrongness. So moms outted me, ...snap! But then I've been bragging to the whole family about how informative and entertaining your site is, and believe it or not I've canceled the Post paper since I've stumbled across the UBM blog.

So keep on keeping on, and next time you're in DC lets get a drink or something.

Oh yeah, where's Fisher been, I haven't seem him up here lately??

Peace cuz

Undercover Black Man said...

^ It's all good. I really appreciate that you're reading and commenting.

Yeah, I haven't heard from Fisher in quite a while. Maybe he's out there canvassing for Obama. (Or Cynthia McKinney.)