Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Name this movie soundtrack, win a prize.

I haven’t had a contest here in quite a while. So let’s do one.

I’m on the East Coast, and I’ve been going through my vinyl LPs. Click here and listen to a mystery track. It comes from a movie soundtrack album. The first person who correctly names that movie will win a prize.

The prize is five Obama buttons. sold or gave away more than 2 million of these buttons.

They’re small – like, silver-dollar sized – but they’re cool.

So... write your answer in the comments section. Only one guess per person, please.


Mon-sewer Paul Regret said...

In a hurry so I'll take a guess after 15 seconds ... Sweet Sweetback's Badassssss Song?

Lola Gets said...

Are you in DC? Are you??? Man, all I know is you better contact me...dammit...!


Jeff said...

A wild (and probably terrible) guess: "Across 110th Street?"

Lyndon said...

Man, I don't know. But that track is fun-kay. Reminds me of Herbie Hancock's Fat Albert Rotunda.

DeAngelo Starnes said...

Pretty sure the flute player is Hubert Laws. Sounds like a Bob James arrangement, but then again it could be Q, except Q's soundtrack's are a little more dramatic. Don't know the film.

Anonymous said...


dez said...


Dollar Bill said...


I'm not older,just classic,like this track.

Mr.Starnes was on track,but I also have a copy of "A Hero Is Nothin' But A Sandwich",so it will cost you some extra postage to send me my prize.

Love all them flute players(I'm told the term Flautist is wrong,Flutist is right.)
Mann,Most,Thomas,Laws,the sound suits Jazz,Funk and Fusions so well.

Played Joe Thomas' cover of Gary Byrd's-Every Brother Ain't a Brother last week,but I'll dig out some Laws for tomorrow.

Now,I don't know if you are going to do this again,but don't think you have to make it harder,just was lucky this time.

that dude said...

Did Donald Byrd ever do a soundtrack? Because for some reason this track evokes him to me.

Dollar Bill said...

Cornbread Earl & Me,same type of feel good/non 'sploitation movie

Dollar Bill said...

That featured a pre-Apocolypse Larry Fishburn

DeAngelo Starnes said...

so dollar bill, who was the artist? and was Bob James the arranger?

Undercover Black Man said...

Congratulations, Dollar. You win. (Though the correct title is "A Hero Ain't Nothin' But a Sandwich.")

A lot of good these Obama buttons will do in Canada!

But seriously, hit me with an email or a MySpace message and tell me where to mail your prize. (My email address is on my Blogger profile page.)

DeAngelo: The aritst was indeed Hubert Laws. But for some reason the LP isn't credited to any artist. It's not even listed in Hubert's discography.

The arranger is trombonist/composer Tom McIntosh.

Thanks for playing, all.

Dollar Bill said...

Sorry,my Canadian English skills kicked in and I corrected it in my mind.

I'll re-distribute some of the buttons back across the border where they will make a difference,but hopefully I'll have grandkids or even just kids someday to show the one button to with pride.