Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A free New Orleans Jazz Vipers download

I was out walking with David Simon last night, and there wasn’t much happening in New Orleans. Hardly even a street musician to be found in the French Quarter. (And New Orleans is supposed to be the busking capital of the United States.)

That’s Mondays for you.

But in the funky little nightclub district along Frenchmen Street in Faubourg Marigny, a delightful racket was emanating from the Spotted Cat. So we stood by the open door and dug a couple of tunes by the New Orleans Jazz Vipers, who do sort of a hip take on “trad jazz.”

Three MP3 files (low-fidelity) are free to download at the band’s website. The songs are from the Jazz Vipers CD “Live on Frenchmen Street.”

Click here to hear “A Ghost of a Chance” on my Vox blog. If you want the FREE MP3, follow this link and look for where it says “Downloadable Demos.”


Black Rage said...

Hey UBM! My wife and I were in NOLA back in May for Heritage Festival and, like you, we ended up at The Spotted Cat on a weeknight. We were standing outside watching the band (because it was TOO crowded inside). Some brotha (who seemed to be drunk) starts playing a trumpet behind us and then makes his way inside "The Cat". He asked the band if he could join in and began belting out a song about NOLA as the band followed. I got some of it on film. It was incredible and was the epitome of what NOLA and real jazz is all about.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ What's up, Black Rage? I meant to respond to your comment last week.

I didn't wind up getting to see a proper show that week. But I wanna go back on my own and hang out at some point in November. I need to be properly rested so I can hang at the clubs.