Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A free Mavis Staples download

There’s a new Mavis Staples album coming out next week. On Election Day, even. It’s a live album – “Live: Hope at the Hideout.” And I’ve got a FREE MP3 to share.

Click here to stream “Waiting for My Child” on my Vox blog. To download it, follow this link to

With a stripped-down band and a few back-up singers, Ms. Staples performed this concert in Chicago just four months ago.

The set list includes old spirituals and protest songs such as “Wade In the Water” and “Eyes On the Prize.” She did studio versions of some of these songs for her 2007 album “We’ll Never Turn Back.”

As a listening bonus, I’m streaming another cut from “Live: Hope at the Hideout.” Click here to hear “We Shall Not Be Moved.”


jjbrock said...

UBM, I love me some Mavis Staples especially when she performed with the Staples Singers.

That thick voice brings back memories of my youth. The Staples Singers always had a great message with their music.

I saw a clip on you tube were the Staple Singers open for Curtis Mayfield back in the early 70's. That was one of their most memorable performance. Mavis had that fro and pop Staple was rocking the mic also I loved it.

Who did the original version of this song? I believe the title was different.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ I wasn’t familiar with this song, JJBrock. But it was originally recorded by a gospel duo called the Consolers. Click here if you want to hear that version.

Anonymous said...

truly a small world, but the internet is vast.

a friend told me about ms. staples new album and i googled to find a free track. the title of your blog enticed me to click. (fourth in the queue, btw)

LOVED your moment-by-moment of the final debate.

the chick who came to baltimore to chat from washington dc (via california, louisiana) :)

Anonymous said...

Mavis Staples is amazing.

If you love her, listen to the rest of the Anti- artists on their sampler. It's great.

You can download it OR stream it:

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Thanks for pointing me to that sampler!