Thursday, October 16, 2008

Coming attraction: ‘The Soloist’

A few weeks ago I saw the trailer for “The Soloist” before “Lakeview Terrace.” (Yeah, I paid to see “Lakeview Terrace.”)

Notwithstanding the “Magic Negro” element – Jamie Foxx plays a musically gifted schizophrenic homeless man who helps Robert Downey Jr. become a better person – I was looking forward to seeing “The Soloist” next month.

The trailer is embedded below. Foxx and Downey look like they brought their best game.

Alas, show-biz blogger Nikki Finke reports today that Paramount has postponed the release of “The Soloist” till next March. The reason given was vague, but apparently it is not a reflection of the movie’s quality.

Oh well. I’ll wait.


maria said...

saw the trailer too (paid to see ghost town, which was great). sad to hear of the delay. looked good to me, too.

still waiting for your take on chocolate news, man!

congrats on the 1,500-post mark!

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Ah... I forgot to respond on that, Maria. I'm away from cable TV for another week, so I haven't seen "Chocolate News" yet... nor have I sought out clips on the Web.

I do think the title kinda sucks, however. But David Alan Grier is a gifted improvisational actor.

Kellybelle said...

It's a true story! It's about a guy from Cleveland.

Francisco said...

I soo hope Robert Downey Jr. Told Jamie Foxx not to go the 'full retard' for this movie. It soo looks like a 'Kirk Lazarus' movie.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Oh damn... that's funny!

Craig Herndon said...

Couldn't have anything to do with the "Republican's" current investment in negative Negro imagery, could it.