Sunday, September 28, 2008

Chris Rock’s younger brother

Chris Rock’s new standup special, “Kill the Messenger,” debuted last night on HBO. I had seen him perform most of this material in L.A. five months ago... and it didn’t blow me away then.

So rather than rehash that, let me tell you about Chris’s younger brother, Tony Rock, who is making moves of his own in the comedy world.

I’ve seen Tony’s name on comedy-club marquees the past couple of years, but I never got around to checking him out.

On YouTube you can see his 2006 appearance on “Def Comedy Jam.” I’ve embedded that clip below.

As you might guess, Tony Rock isn’t in the same league as his big brother. Watching that 7-minute “Def Comedy” clip, I smiled twice, didn’t laugh at all, and spotted one borderline steal from Dave Chappelle (regarding the deliciousness of chicken).

Also embedded below is a teaser clip for Tony’s upcoming series on MyNetworkTV, “The Tony Rock Project.”

If anybody has seen him live onstage, please let me know what you think of him.


Antonio said...

He came to my college way back in 2000 and opened up for Lewis Black. I remember he was pretty funny, but nowhere close to the level of his brother. The only bit I remember was something about barbecue being the only reason black people celebrate the 4th of July. Some girl got up and left because he said "p*ssy" a lot.

bklyn6 said...

Some girl got up and left because he said "p*ssy" a lot.

So did his big brother during his "Kill the Messenger" HBO special. I prefer Chris's astute observations about society, better.

I knew that he was Chris's brother, but I haven't seen it mentioned in print. I watch
"Everybody Hates Chris" but I've seen every other comedian on it but him. I thought Chris might hook his brother up. But he's got his own show so....

dez said...

^Is Tony as cute as Drew? :-) Is that show coming back this season, if anyone knows?

Too bad Chris dropped all the Hillary jokes from earlier in the year. Those were pretty funny.

bklyn6 said...

^Is Tony as cute as Drew? :-) Is that show coming back this season, if anyone knows?

LOL. I had a similar thought when I first realized he was Chris's brother. He looks taller than Chris, and I wouldn't be surprised at all if he got all the girls when they were younger.

bklyn6 said...

Oops. I forgot. I've seen the coming attraction for this season, I just don't know on which night the show will air.

He's in high school now. Looks like he'll be getting his butt kicked by bigger and badder kids. No Caruso, though. Unless Ms. Morello transfers, I'll miss her this season, with her (naively) racist self. :-D

dez said...

^I just checked the TV guide and saw it listed for Friday night this week. I hope Greg's still there, at least!