Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday 12-inch Flashback: ‘Nights Over Egypt’

As a staff songwriter at Philly International, Cynthia Biggs co-wrote just one big hit: “If You Only Knew” for Patti LaBelle. (Click here to stream it on my Vox blog.)

But Ms. Biggs also co-wrote this small hit for the Jones Girls. And “Nights Over Egypt” was covered by Incognito, a British soul group, in 1999. (The music video is here; Joceyln Brown shares the lead vocal.)

Here’s the original 12-inch mix from 1981:


Thembi said...

Wow, you've done it again. This is another one of those jams thats before my time so I never knew the artist or title, only to eventually have it suggested to me by Pandora Radio. I still didn't know that Jocelyn Brown factoid, though!

Lola Gets said...

This is such a great song! I think the Jones Girls also did a song called "Something New", but I could be wrong. Whoever did that song was great too.