Monday, August 18, 2008


I tip my hat to Taylor Siluwé (a commenter on Lola’s blog) for pointing to a marvelous Flickr page. It features scanned images of antique photographs of black women.

The photo above dates back to the 1870s. (Click it for a larger look.)

Isn’t there something magical about old-timey picture portraits?


bklyn6 said...

Those pictures are lovely!

I'm fascinated by time, and love the sense of "timelessness" b&w photos, especially really old ones, convey.

I came upon this picture at a while ago. A link to it lead to an awesome Flickr page: "Discover Black Heritage." I found this picture there. I adore it so much! I want it framed.

Kellybelle said...

I stumbled on this while I was putting my presentation on African American Culture together! It's beautiful.

taylorSiluwé ..... said...

Comment about that Flickr page. If you notice on her profile their an extensive announcement about who can add her as a contact etc ....

WELL, I noticed while trying to locate that wonderful archive for Ms. Lola the Miss Girl had Blocked Me! **gasp**

Apparently I, or my Flickr contacts, or my contacts contacts (yes, she went that deep) had what she deemed disgusting and pornographics imagery that they'd checked as a favorite.

Now, its a free country and her archive is still wonderful -- however, had I known she was some borderline evangelical nutjob I doubt I would have passed along the link.

Having said that, I do hope people enjoy the pics which truly are wonderful. Lord knows she's not the first person who just can't take ME, but I just needed to vent.

bklyn6 said...

Taylor Siluwé I saw your link and I liked it--and I've got two X chromosomes! Oh well. :-D

Undercover Black Man said...

Taylor, welcome to my spot.

But yeah... I was wondering whether I should warn people when I linked to your blog.

Then again, I only recently found out that some women think gay pr0n is hot. As attested to by Bklyn6 evidently. ;^)

taylorSiluwé ..... said...

I do talk about sex and porn. But I talk about religion and politics too. All those things that make my blood boil and start bar fights ....

Bottomline, most people in America need to lighten up. People should stop taking their religion so seriously, and don't get all flustered everytime they see two naked butt cheeks. The world ain't gonna end 'cause you got aroused .....

Qadree said...

I was collecting photos like these along with vintage black publications for a little while. I'm looking for very specific things now like the first year of Ebony.

I learned early on that most of this stuff just ends up in the trash. It sits in someones attic or basement for years and when the homeowners die or younger family members take over, the stuff can be found stacked up in the alley in boxes.

I bought a few things from addicts and junk men that happened to find the stuff sitting in the alley. I've seen some things that would have been worth a great deal if they hadn't been rotting in a box for decades and then put out in the rain.

bklyn6 said...

Then again, I only recently found out that some women think gay pr0n is hot.

Wait.... That was porn? :P

I bought a few things from addicts and junk men that happened to find the stuff sitting in the alley.

I bought a copy of Ebony from one of these guys, but I don't think it's that old, from the '70s or 80s, maybe (I think Phillip Michael Thomas is on the cover). I would love to find an old copy of Bronze Thrills, or Jive!

I like looking at the advertisements. All those ads for skin lighteners/bleaching creams, pomades, miracle hair growth aides.... Vanity never goes out of fashion. :-)