Monday, August 11, 2008

‘Soul Men’

I saw that Kellybelle mentioned this in a comment yesterday, but it didn’t sink in: Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes are co-stars in an upcoming movie called “Soul Men,” along with Samuel L. Jackson.

Mac and Jackson play bickering R&B singers; Hayes portrays himself.

Director Malcolm D. Lee reminisced today about Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes with E! Online.

And Tambay Obenson blogged about the movie last month (with photos).

“Soul Men” is due to open on November 14.


Dan Coyle said...

I think there's already an e-mail going around saying "Is Sam L. next?"

Geez, I hope not. That might cause a mass nerd seppuku.

Is it just me, or is Sam L. the only good part of that Spirit trailer?

Undercover Black Man said...

^ The hardest-working man in show business.

Kellybelle said...

Sam looks a little nervous in this picture.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Stop!


We all know that the "third" to go was supposed to be Morgan Freeman. But he cheated the Reaper... thus causing a rip in the fabric of time.

Dan Coyle said...

Actually, Bernie Brillstein filled in Freeman's slot.

maria said...

larry king is going to have DL and cedric and harvey on tonight.

as much as i can't stand the blithering idiot host, who was past his prime 20 years ago, i might tune in.

Undercover Black Man said...

larry king is going to have DL and cedric and harvey on tonight.

Fabulous, Maria. Thanks for that heads-up.

And yeah... the first good reason to watch Larry King in ages.

maria said...

omg, not to be a spoiler for anyone not in eastern time...but larry king is just awful. he keeps interrupting his guests, talking over them, cutting them off and rudely going to written comments to introduce mac clips.

the clips aren't great, either.

he also called ashton kutcher "austin."