Monday, August 11, 2008

Something rockin’ from Suffrajett

Been exposing myself to a lot of “alternative” artists lately. (I know, I know... I could get arrested for that.) I will, of course, be sharing interesting music here as I find it.

For instance, I’d never heard of Suffrajett, a Chicago-based band that’s down with the Black Rock Coalition (though only one member of the band – front woman Simi Sernaker – is black... and even she’s evidently mixed).

I like the video for “Anybody Listening,” off of Suffrajett’s 2007 album “Black Glitter.” The vid is below. You can see that Simi has plenty of rockr-chick appeal.

And when she whips out an electric violin, she ain’t trying to be cute. People say she can shred on that thing.


fishesalot said...

I loved the tune, it's a hit in my book. I was listening though and the mix on the violin/instumental cresendo was a bit muddy but maybe it's my PC speakers. Anyway, if they pump it, it should bust the charts.


Doctor Memory said...

Whoa, is anyone else having Vanity/Appalonia flashbacks?

Not that that's necessarily a bad thing.

Dan Coyle said...

Doc memory: I thought the same thing. Almost felt like an audition clip for The formerly Known One.

Wait, he's Prince again, right?

kenn said...

SO hot

James said...

Time to start "a hot chicks with violins" feature, yes?

Undercover Black Man said...

SO hot

Especially that black outfit. That's the look.

Joel said...

That's weird...she doesn't look mixed to me.