Friday, August 29, 2008

A free Terence Blanchard download

If you don’t already own Terence Blanchard’s superb, Grammy Award- winning “requiem” for Hurricane Katrina – “A Tale of God’s Will” – let me point you to a FREE MP3.

Click here to stream the track “Mantra” on my Vox blog. It was uploaded by Blue Note Records.

To commence downloading the MP3, hit this link.


LeaNder said...

David, you might be interested in the Al-Jazeera interview with our friend: David Horowitz, that Jim Lobe posted on his blog. The second tape is the most interesting:

Jim Lobe on Horowitz' “Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week part III“

Kellybelle said...

^ interesting interview. Horowitz has gone around the bend. I like the way the other guy handles him.

I like Terrence Blanchard. He scored two of my fav Spike Lee movies, Mo Better Blues and 4 Little Girls. (I won't hold Crooklyn against him)

sally said...

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