Saturday, August 2, 2008

A free Richie Havens download

Richie Havens has been steady rocking since the heyday of the Greenwich Village folk-music scene in the early ’60s. He has a new CD out called “Nobody Left to Crown.” It’s his 27th album.

His song “The Key” is available as a FREE MP3... but you need to move fast; it’ll be up at through the weekend. Follow this link to download it.

But first, click here and stream it on my Vox blog.

Below is Havens’s memorable – and improvised – performance of “Freedom” at Woodstock.

UPDATE (08/02/08): Aw shoot... the KCRW download link is down already. I assumed since they posted it on Friday, it would be active throughout the weekend. Sorry about that, y’all.

If I can find another free MP3 off this album, I’ll let you know.


Michael Fisher said...

The series of concerts I promoted featuring Mr. Havens as the headliner in Europe were the most pleasant and efficient (with the exception of Ice T and Body Count in their hey day) that I ever had the pleasure to produce and promote.

maria said...

i interview ritchie when i was in college, for the UF independent newspaper. he was wonderful. patient, gracious...professional. did not treat me like a student. gave me all the time i wanted; answered every question. was very respectful. it was a joy.

years later i saw him again live at UMiami.

he sounds great, david. thanks for this.

(this makes up for that 11 seconds!)

Mark said...

Thanks for the Vox hookup. I'm gonna go find the album.

Undercover Black Man said...

i interview ritchie when i was in college...

I'm jealous.