Wednesday, July 30, 2008

This date in Beatles history: 1968

The Beatles, on a Tuesday evening in 1968, gathered at Abbey Road (Studio Two) to continue work on a new song: “Hey Jude.”

A few takes had been recorded the night before... but this ambitious single was still a work in progress.

On the second night – July 30 – movie cameras were rolling. As Beatles historian Mark Lewisohn relates, the footage was used for a TV documentary (“Music!”) by the National Music Council of Great Britain.

Here is 6½ minutes of that footage:

2 comments: said...

It is my understanding that 'hey jude' was recorded at trident studios at st. anne's court - London.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Yes, Tony, the final version was. The Beatles went to Trident Studios the next day -- July 31 -- and started from scratch on Trident's 8-track machine.

But by then, they'd already recorded 25 takes of "Hey Jude" at Abbey Road (on a 4-track machine).