Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hear Vernon Reid live in Brooklyn tonight

Guitar freaks, take heed: Badass Vernon Reid – and his groove band, Masque – will perform tonight at Zebulon Café Concert in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

This gig (like all Zebulon shows) will be live-streamed over the internets. Scheduled start time is 10 p.m. Eastern.

Zebulon Café Concert is an avant-garde jazz space with live music seven nights a week. (Great article about the venue is here.)

If you happen to be online tonight and want to check out Vernon, here’s what to do:

Follow this link to the Zebulon website. Click “LISTEN” on the blue menu. Then click “LIVE” on the red menu. Then click the indicated symbol to launch the audio stream.

If it’s something worth commenting about, feel free to join me in the comments section here. We can make believe we’re all hip and shit.

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DeAngelo Starnes said...

Thanks Dave! I'll be in the house.