Friday, June 20, 2008

Desmond Tutu on the Zimbabwe crisis

One week from today, the citizens of Zimbabwe will cast their votes in a presidential run-off election.

The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) – daring to challenge the 28-year rule of Robert Mugabe – has been subjected to violence and intimidation by Mugabe supporters.

“I think that the world really does have to step in and say: ‘Enough of this.’ ” Those are the words of Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa, Zimbabwe’s neighbor to the south.

Embedded below is a 9-minute David Frost interview with Archbishop Tutu, shown last week on Al Jazeera English.

The Anglican archbishop doubts that the Zimbabwe election will be free and fair.

He said MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai has “the chance of a snowball in hell” to be elected – even though Tsvangirai got more votes than Mugabe the first time around.

Indeed, according to news reports today, Tsvangirai is considering whether to withdraw from this “charade” of a free election.

UPDATE (06/21/08): The Field Negro blogged today about Zimbabwe. “What Mugabe has done to the poor people of Zimbabwe,” he wrote, “is no different than what the evil and unjust regime of Pieter Botha did to the poor black Africans in South Africa.”

The comment thread contains a few sickening apologias of Robert Mugabe by doctrinaire black nationalists. (“He liberated Zimbabwe from the wicked hands of the British!”)

But those apologists, in turn, get chin-checked by more sophisticated thinkers.

It’s an interesting read.


Michael Fisher said...

How do you know that the elections are not fair and free before they take place?

Besides, are you not the one who said "fuck justice"?

dj said...

Does the silence speak volumes?

How does the wife of a opposition leader,having her hands and feet chopped off and then being tossed alive into her burning house to die a painful death,not cause the world to wake the F**k up?

Why is there not a line up to get rid of this brutal dictator?

Wouldn't this be a prime spot to continue the mission of spreading democracy throughout the world?

Ah,right,the profit magins aren't high enough.

Just let them die and decrease the surplus population.

I am not a fan of meddling in the affairs of others,but to see people dying for their beliefs and dreams,is soul crushing.

The fact that it is happening elsewhere,out of my direct line of sight,doesn't make it any less upsetting.

Undercover Black Man said...

How do you know that the elections are not fair and free before they take place?

Ummmm... you can kinda tell when supporters of the opposition party are being beaten, mutilated, ass-raped and murdered by members of the ruling party.

Open your eyes, Michael. This is why I can't talk politics with you no more. You seem more devoted to horseshit rhetoric than genuine freedom for the people of Zimbabwe... the freedom to elect their own leaders.

Michael Fisher said...


"You seem more devoted to horseshit rhetoric than genuine freedom for the people of Zimbabwe... the freedom to elect their own leaders."

Did you find anywhere where I stated that I approve of Mugabe? In fact, I believe I previously referred you to this post. Moreover, one top female leader of the MDC, Sekai Holland, is a good friend of mine whom I've known since my late teens.

What I am addressing hypocrisy.

How can you, David, cast stones at Mugabe when you say "fuck justice" when it comes to the native peoples of America at the very least?

How is it that you can cast stones at Mugabe when you advocate that the land stolen by European settlers by means of murder and torture should not be returned to the natives people of Zimbabwe?

I suspect that you lack the moral authority to cast stones at Mugabe. I have that authority to cast stones at Mugabe. I worked hard for the liberation of Rhodesia and the return of the land to the people of Zimbabwe. With the unjust and immoral positions you take - no, indeed, I don't think that you have that moral authority.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Does Desmond Tutu have that moral authority?

Michael Fisher said...

Desmond Tutu? Sure. And I can guarantee you that Tutu would never utter the words "fuck justice".

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Then take 10 minutes out of your busy day and watch that Tutu clip I embedded.

Michael Fisher said...

What's Desmond Tutu got to do with your stances? My comments weren't about Desmond Tutu or Mugabe, David. They were about you and your contradictions. You claim to be interested in justice, yet you are very selective about the same, particularly when it comes to folks that are not white, it appears.

You claim to oppose racism, yet you repeat the same racist drivel about black folks' mental inferiority that the white racists spread.

In Zimbabwe you are siding with the MDC? Fine. What side were you on when Zimbabwe was still called Rhodesia? On the side of the black folks who demanded that the land, stolen in toto, be returned to the African people and those people made whole?

Not according to what you stated in earlier discussions.

Justice, David, is not half-assed. That's like being half pregnant. If you think that justice should not prevail somewhere ("fuck justice"), then you can not demand that it prevail somewhere else.

That's just logical. Thus you ain't qualified and your continuous harping on this tragic situation in Zimbabwe becomes highly suspect.

Think about it.

Undercover Black Man said...

Michael, you clearly missed the meaning of my "fuck justice" comment.

I said: "If justice demands returning the land of North America to the Indians... then fuck justice."

Which really means: "Fuck you, Fisher, for your simple-minded conception of what justice is."

And if you can't get your head around the notion that the dispossession of Zimbabwe's white commercial farmers might've been bad for black people, then, like I say, we just can't talk politics. You are not intellectually questing.

If land redistribution led to economic ruin and an exodus of millions from Zimbabwe... why are you still defending it without question?

Especially when you agree with me that Mugabe is a tyrant.

Michael Fisher said...


"If land redistribution led to economic ruin and an exodus of millions from Zimbabwe... why are you still defending it without question?"

I see so we are at the "fuck you, Fisher" level. Ok. Be that as it may.

You think, David, that the United States should at least be held to the treaties she signed with the native peoples? No? Is that a simple minded concept of justice as well?

In any case, so now you are saying that the land indeed has been distributed to the landless black Zimbaweans rather than Mugabe's cronies?

So your problem is what in that case?

The fact that the black Zimbaweans were not taught how to commercially handle it and given the required contacts to market and sell the same, or the fact that, as you basically assert, they are to stupid to do so?

You are espousing racist dreck 24/7/365 David. It's sad to see.

So what do you think about Pat Buchanan's position that slavery on balance was a great thing for the Africans and their descendants dragged over here?

I suspect you agree with that one, too?

cuz said...

This Zimbabwe situation is really pissing me off. TransAfrica Forum has issued a message of solidarity with the people of Zimbabwe placing blame on both the current government and the western countries that have prevented the people from having true independence in the economic sense. TransAfrica Forum

It's a strategic statement considering the mission of the organization. For me it's a bit soft on both sides. But I supported it anyway as a step.

Sadly, Mugabe has destroyed his legacy of liberation by placing himself in the oppressor's throne.