Thursday, May 29, 2008

Two free Luther Thomas downloads

Ready for more eccentric blackness?

Alto sax man Luther Thomas is a rather obscure free-jazz blower from St. Louis, now living in Copenhagen, Denmark.

What makes him noteworthily eccentric is his vocal style. He writes and raps like Melvin Van Peebles with brain damage... nasty, funky and political.

Click here, for example, to hear a profane and raunchy rant called “Jerry Springer Ho Ya Know.” (Funny!)

Then click here and hear Luther Thomas drop one on President Bush. It’s called “Bushshit.” (Timely!)

If you want these tracks as FREE MP3s, follow this link to Luther’s MySpace page where you can download ’em (plus others)... if you, too, have a MySpace account.

Keep your freak flag flying high, Luther Thomas!

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