Thursday, May 15, 2008

Two free KJ Denhert downloads

Native New Yorker KJ Denhert has a new CD coming out in two weeks – “Lucky 7.” But it’s already digitally downloadable from iTunes, eMusic and Amazon.

Unfamiliar with KJ Denhert? I was too. But she’s a singer-songwriter with a jazzy, poppy, somewhat funky sensibility. You can sample her new album by means of two FREE MP3s.

Click here to hear “Little Problems” streaming on my Vox blog. To check out the track “Lucky 7,” click here.

To download either or both of them, click the song titles below:

“Little Problems” (MP3)
“Lucky 7” (MP3)


daughterofthedream said...

Love her!!! Laura Love is also fantastic!

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Never heard of Laura Love.

But KJ is doing a little West Coast swing this month. I need to make plans and catch her in Santa Monica. I bet she puts on a good show.

Kellybelle said...

Nice. "Little Problems" sounds Joan Armatrading-y.

teresa said...

she reminds me of toshi reagon and joan armatrading.

Ree said...

Thanks so much, undercover. First introduced to KJ Denhert on Femme Noir. Very cool!