Friday, May 9, 2008

Playlist: 1988

Since Mike Gonzales ’nem got me all nostalgic, let me spin some good ol’ juicy 1988 funk on my Vox audio stash...

1. “Paradise” – Sade

2. “Jam-All” – Jamaaladeen Tacuma

3. “Sponji Reggae” – 24-7 Spyz

4. “Run’s House” – Run-D.M.C.

5. “Scarlet Pussy” – Prince


DeAngelo Starnes said...

Forgot about Sade's joint. That was hot. I felt like she took it to the next level on that one.

Wasn't Anita Baker getting big around this time, too?

As I noted on Invisible Woman's blog about '88, I didn't realize how critical '88 was to my life. Music played a big part of it. I hated most of what was out at that point. Actually, I hated most of the music from '85-'90.

One bit of music I forgot to note I got into at that point was that harmolodic funk of Ornette, Blood Ulmer, Ronald Shannon Jackson. But Jamaaladeen put out some really funky tasty shit around that time, too.

Some good, weird memories. It was a weird time for me.

DeAngelo Starnes said...

Actually, Dave, you're right about music taking off in '89. Forgot about that. PE, NWA, BDP, De La, LL, Brains with Quickness. You're right '89 - 93 being hot.

Undercover Black Man said...

I hated most of what was out at that point.

That New Jack Swing didn't do it for me. That's when I started to realize that the youth culture was leaving me behind.

Invisible Woman said...

Oh Sade! I forgot about her...was that album that year? I surely would have chosen her for Old School Friday. Absolutely love her.

jjbrock said...

Sade, what a voice.
My girl friends and I would get off work heading to the club and Jam-All was it. Thanks for the memories.

Bklyn6 said...

"Jam-All" sounds Prince-ish.

In '88 I think I was still clubbin' to house music and urban contemporary RNB.

Undercover Black Man said...

Wasn't Anita Baker getting big around this time, too?

Yep, DeAngelo. I saw her perform in Atlantic City around this time. Opening act: Arsenio Hall, before he broke through in late-night.

Lola Gets said...

"Scarlet Pussy"
Um, yeah, I missed that one, lol.