Sunday, May 25, 2008

DMX, keepin’ it mad real

Hat-tip to Ernest Hardy for pointing to this hee-larious video of rapper DMX talkin’ shyit... alongside British fanboy prat Tim Westwood.

Watching this clip reminds me to remind y’all: May is Mental Health Month.


ThatDeborahGirl said...

I love DMX's music. A lot of his rhymes reflect so much the angry side of my personality. I could listen to "Who We Be" every day.

Sorry to hear he got arrested recently but it looks like he might be another Michael Vic. I hope not.

Kellybelle said...

At least he ended it with a prayer. He's acknowledgeing his life is unmanageable and turning it over to his Higher Power. Lawd.
Somebody asked DMX about politics and he said something like "What's a Barack?"

kenn said...

Why is DMX so hateful though? I'm just sayin'