Friday, March 28, 2008

Now playing: ‘Planet B-Boy’

Here’s a movie I’m excited to go and see: “Planet B-Boy.” It’s a documentary about the global culture of breakdancing.

It opened last weekend in New York and West L.A. It opens today in San Francisco, Berkeley, San Diego, Pasadena, Orange County and Washington, D.C. Next week it reaches Chicago, Boston, Austin and Phoenix. And so on and so forth throughout the spring.

I wanna hit you with two different trailers. The top one is all dancing. The bottom one provides a sense of the narrative of “Planet B-Boy” and the different human personalities involved.

I tip my Kangol to filmmaker Benson Lee. This movie looks like big fun.


Ashley said...

When I was teaching in Krakow last summer, 4 local kids set up some cardboard and were breakdancing in the town square. I texted this to my friends in New Orleans, and got replies like:

"The 80s called and want their decade back"
"Next, Black kids will be selling kielbasa and dancing polkas in the quarter"

and my favorite

"Why don't you go up to them and say I bet you $20 I can tell you where you got dem shoes"

Dollar Bill said...

Looking forward to this.
Really enjoyed the doc "The Freshest Kids" as it went way beyond the norm of only focusing on Rocksteady Crew(who are great) and did past to present with some of the most mind wrecking footage and possibly one of the last interviews with Re-Run to boot.

Undercover Black Man said...

... Rocksteady Crew(who are great)...

I interviewed Crazy Legs back in my journalism days.

Undercover Black Man said...

Ashley... NegroLand is deep!

Bay Radical said...

I guess its too much to ask that there might be a couple B-Girls in the movie, but still, it looks awesome.

quirkychick said...

I'm so going to see this! I got addicted to America's Best Dance Crew and it ended this week.

Bay Radical there were girls in these crews that were crazy good although the last two standing were all guys.

I don't remember anything I ever saw in the 80s being as sick as the stuff they do now.

Anonymous said...

...negroland is deep cause that shit is all capoeira.

...a leg up.


Ashley said...

^UBM -- I was just trying to find a link to "where you got dem shoes" and I stumbled into NegroLand. I felt like Bugs Bunny saying he should have taken that left turn at Albuquerque...but I thought you might like it.

Anonymous said...

...excuse my previous rant.

I think Mr. Marc, the landlord of Negroland makes a few interesting points and theories, particularly with regard to programs, agencies, and disbursment of funds. ...I won't touch these due to my own lack of facts.

However, I a feeling that he is way to subjective in his analysis of the state and plight of the inhabitants of Negroland. He sees the problems in Negroland but he doesn't seem to understand that these are effects of deeper root causes. He wants to treat the effects (western medicine) but not the root causes.

As we all know, slavery and racism have created horrific and deeply entrenched problems in all peoples of color in America, particularly Black folk. Many of us have come far, but many more are still struggling and there is no easy answer. Like any severe sickness, the deep rooted effects of oppression will not be cured by simply doing this or doing that, or taking a panacea. There must be a continual administration of broad spectrum curative agents applied over time, and only in this way will communities like Negroland become more prosperous and uplifted.


Dollar Bill said...

Landlord is just a sucker who anyone would take and they would come for miles to do it,because he keeps on doing it over and over again.

He is the legend,not "Joe" or any of the other characters in his stories.

It's like when someone in a store gives me the wrong change in my favor.

Once or twice,I'll let them know,but if it is the same person all the time,I need to teach them a lesson.

He claims to know all the angles,but keeps being a chump.
He thinks he's high lighting the evil that people do,but he is just drawing attention to how stupid he is.

"The Hustle" is supposed to be educational and he keeps failing the class.

People get taken all the time...once.

Fool me once...

He tries to play it off as having to big of a heart,but it is really too small of a brain to operate the radar system in day to day life.

These are not even sophisticated long cons and if I wanted to, I could own all of his buildings inside of a month at a cost only to him.

Dollar Bill said...

I have doubts about the authenticity of his "stories" and hate to relay that he loved"The Corner".
For all the wrong reasons of course.
He has some issues to say the least.

DJ Black Adam said...

Man you interviewed Crazy legs? I am so jealous. I met Chino (who taught my crew how to do the "Chino" or what we called the "Penny Roll"!