Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hendrix at Woodstock

I’m feeling like some Jimi this morning. Here is his complete, one-hour Woodstock set:


estiv said...

Whenever I hear somebody say that all the great rock guitarists were white, I look for the nearest door. And then walk through it. And as soon as possible, listen to some Hendrix.

I only saw him once. Not his greatest performance, but hey, you take what you can get.

Anonymous said...

Jimi was and probably will always be the greatest rock/blues-rock/ psych guitarist ever, period. He could choke the hell out of a strat, V, ibanez, whatever. He was the ultimate live performer, an incredibly gifted song writer, and an innovator in how to stretch the recording studio to its limits. Many people yell about Van Halen, Stevie Ray, ...Roy Buchanon, etc. being the greatest and thats all good but if you know how to play the guitar and if you're older than 53, ...then you know that Jimi was the best. It's all about context and breaking ground, he set the blueprint for all players to come, and since then all else are posers, trainees.

In the 60s, no one in their wildess dreams was pulling off anything even close to the guitar work featured on the Axis Bold as Love album -"Little Wing", "Castles Made of Sand", "Bold As Love", all masterpieces. This album featured extraordinarily intricate and innovative chord work and solo phrasing. Keep in mind that the album was around 1967 when Pete Townsend was getting paid by flailing power bar chords. Also, Clapton, while being a better soloist than Pete, was very repetitve, riffing mostly dorian mode and pentatonic scale based blues licks. He did do some nice work on White Room but the wah-wah work was basically patting his foot to the rhythm, nowhere near Jimi's talking guitar wah work in "Rainy Day Still Raining".

I could go on and on, but I'll stop here before I end up over the top. Because there were many other lesser known six string masters, guys like Eddie Hazzle, Albert King, Charlie Karp, Leslie West, and various sidemen that floated thru groups like Mandrill, Bar-Kays (Black Rock album) etc. These guys were also great players but only the old schoolers know what I'm talking about.

Jimi was the bizzomb! boom


Anonymous said...


...wonder what put UMB in a Hendrix mood though?

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Stumbling on this video might've had something to do with it. ;^)

Anonymous said...

Keep on trunkin UMB.

...Oh yeah, if you run across some Cymande, please spread it around.


bklyn6 said...

I'm not sure why I never got onboard the Jimi Hendrix love train. The closest I ever got was being a serious Prince fan. I figured Prince was influenced by him, but I never got curious enough to figure out why. And the fact that I never heard him on the urban music stations I listened to, didn't help.