Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Gay dog food and lesbian yogurt

What’s the deal with those Beneful commercials? Are gay white males the only buyers of high-priced dog food?

How many Beneful commercials have there been with sweet-acting guys cooing at their dogs? Every one of them is like that.

The only TV ads more obvious in their gay coding were those old Yoplait commercials. You know the ones I mean. (“This is, like, foot-massage good.” “No, this is double-headed-dildo good.”)

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But why dog food? Why yogurt? Are there other gay-coded TV commercials out there that I’m missing?


vcthree said...

Considering that those Yoplait commercials featured Leisha Hailey (from "The L Word")?

Yeah. I'd say it was the most obvious gay-coding ever.

justjudith said...

lol. that's hilarious. i never thought about the yoplait other than it didn't taste all that good to me. now i know why.

dez said...

G**damn dog-loving, yogurt-munching degenerates. I think those Yakult commercials are code for some Jewish cult thing, too [looks around shiftily]. ;^D

I am going to have steal the double-headed joke, though.

Bklyn6 said...

Gosh, I'd never thought so deeply about the Yoplait commercials. Actually, the only thing that struck me as curious about them was Leisha Hailey. Is she an undercover black woman?



Lola Gets said...

I never got "gay" from the yogurt commercials. I did get "silly, stupid, and that damned yogurts not that damned good", from them though.


Undercover Black Man said...

I never got "gay" from the yogurt commercials.

Seriously, L? It got even deeper in the later commercials. In one of them, the chicks are chillin' at a spa, and one of 'em says, "This is dating-a-masseuse good."

Not dating a masseur... dating a masseuse. I almost fell out when I saw that one. I thought, "Dang... lesbians must eat a whole lot of yogurt."

jmore1276 said...

I've been teasing my g-friend about that yoplay commercial forever. It is sooo odvious. Now I can show her this blog hahahaha :-) " Not catching the Boukey Good?" TOO MUCH LOL