Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A free Manu Chao/Prince Fatty download

The global fusionist Manu Chao has a digital EP coming out next month. It’ll have multiple remixes of “Politik Kills,” a track off his 2007 album “La Radiolina.”

One remix is available right now as a FREE MP3 (courtesy of Pitchfork Media) – a heavy reggae version by England’s Mike Pelanconi, a.k.a. Prince Fatty.

To hear the Prince Fatty remix on my Vox blog, click here. (Compare it with the original album mix here.)

The free download is available for one week only, starting today. So grab it now if you want it.

To commence downloading, hit this link.

Here’s something else cool if you’re interested in Manu Chao... especially the roots of his activist left-wing politics. It’s a 39-minute podcast recorded last summer for the Times of London; follow this link and you can download it.

I’m streaming a 2-minute excerpt; click here to listen.


Francisco said...

Yay! Manu Chao.

Also, UBM, I heard this morning your comments about the 'stereotypical' black behavior some white folks in the creative industry expect. Plus, yes, that girl was stupid for impersonating a 'blood' gang-member/sympathizer. Awesome interview. (Though did I hear correctly you were in a bench at a park? What are you, a homeless wino? :-) JK.)

Undercover Black Man said...

Thanks, Francisco. Oh, about that park bench... my house is dirty, so I couldn't let the woman interview me here.

Francisco said...

I hear you dude... tough to hide all the porn and filth of one's place in short notice. Keep up the good work, maybe a 'Kingpin' comic-book? Yeah, I'm a hardcore fan.