Thursday, March 27, 2008

A free Arrested Development download

Remember Arrested Development? Damn, 16 years flew by like a bitch, didn’t they?

Todd Thomas, a.k.a. Speech, combined the spirits of Chuck D and Sly Stone, and made music that captured the vibe of the early ’90s.

Arrested Development faded fast (though they remain big in Japan). Now the group is back out there gigging, mostly at festivals.

Did you know AD put out an album last year? It’s called “Since the Last Time.”

Click here to hear a remix of a song called “Miracles.” This remix is available as a FREE MP3. Other tracks are too.

Just follow this link to the Arrested Development website. Then scroll down. Under the words “Free Music,” there’s a music player. Press play and you’ll see a list of downloadable tracks. “Miracles (Metamorphosis mix)” is at the bottom of the list.

Below is the video for the original mix of “Miracles.” (It’s better than the remix.)


dnA said...

I still listen to AD!!!

Francisco said...

A couple of years ago, in the summer reality show "Hit me baby one more time" where pass-their-prime musical groups and singers would play their # 1 single AND compete by playing a more recent song. AD played 'Heaven' by Los Lonely Boys and it was awesome. They didn't win though, I think. The group sounded just like old times. I'll check it out. Thanks UBM!

dez said...

^I saw that, too. They didn't win, but they should have!