Monday, February 25, 2008

Hooray for Clark Johnson’s sister!

I meant to post this last week. Better late than never.

Are y’all enjoying the final weeks of “The Wire”? It pleases me to watch Clark Johnson’s acting on a weekly basis. The man is cool.

Did you know his sister is a big deal in Canada? Yep. Molly Johnson. She’s a pop and jazz vocalist whose popularity extends to France.

Last Friday, Ms. Johnson received her nation’s highest civilian honor – the Order of Canada – for her creative achievements and humanitarian works. Cheers to her.

Molly and Clark Johnson got their start on stage together, performing as kids in a Toronto production of “Porgy and Bess.”

Click here to hear Molly’s smoky rendition of “Summertime,” from her 2002 album “Another Day.”

(Thanks, Anna, for letting me know.)


dj said...

You must be posting just for me now!

Who's a special boy?Me!

Canada in the house!

Molly played a show up here in the Summer,while I had my "Momma Bird" up visiting from NYC for the first time.

When the Superbowl was on,I get this phone call from "M.B.",all excited that the first commercial was for Ontario,Canada,with Molly singing.

Didn't know Molly and Clarke were siblings.Cool.

On a sorta related Canad-jun talent note.

Shakura S'Aida from Canada(by way of Brooklyn),Just took second place in Memphis for the International Blues Competition.With my friend Shamakah Ali,(Barkays,United We Funk All Stars,etc.) holding down the drumming duties.
Worth checking out her music.

Mes Deux Cents said...


Thanks for the info about Clark Johnson's sister. I have always been fond of him as an actor.

Have you seen the film Rude? It's a Canadian film that Clark is in as well as my favorite Canadian actress Rachael Crawford. The film isn't great but it's different.

Also I listened to a really nice interview with Clark on NPR a few weeks ago. If you missed it here is the link;

dj said...

I remember when he was on a show Hot Shots here in Canada and he even stood out chops wise then.

dj said...

That was in the mid 80's.
He was also regular on a Cop show called Night Heat here.
I know IMDB could have told you this,but I my memory of him on these shows is still sharp and that says something.

Undercover Black Man said...

Thanks for them links, DJ and MDC.

I'm liking Canada more and more every day.

justin said...

As the airdate for the last episode of The Wire approaches, Marc Steiner and the Center for Emerging Media are doing a new series of interviews on The Wire. There's going to be a new one added to their site every day this week. The first interview, with Ed Burns, is already up! The site is
To go right to the Ed Burns interview, go here: