Thursday, February 14, 2008

Coming attraction: ‘Black Devil Doll’

Here’s some adults-only silliness and good clean filth from a couple of young brothers outta the Bay Area – Jonathan and Shawn Lewis.

It’s a movie called “Black Devil Doll,” intended to be “fun, sick, entertaining, and exploitive” in the spirit of 1970s grindhouse flicks.

Yo... a shit-talking, booty-tapping, homicidal puppet with an Afro? You had me at “sick.”

Embedded below is the so-called “censored” trailer, which is definitely NOT safe for work. The Lewis Brothers obviously wanna get some Web-buzz happening in advance of upcoming screenings. I am happy to oblige.

The uncensored trailer is here.

A video interview with director Jonathan Lewis is here.

A text interview is here.

Okay, so here’s the trailer. (WARNING: lots of nudity, cussing, fake blood, misogyny and racial stereotypes.)


Bklyn6 said...

So that's what that is! I was just at another website where I saw the weirdest looking avatar. It was that puppet.

I don't think I can watch the video. I can deal some with nudity, cussing, and racial stereotypes, and even a little misogyny. It's the fake blood I have problems with.

Anonymous said...

At a certain point post-modern grooving to exploitive trash becomes exploitive trash...

The difference between this shit and the shit Hollywood slings is that we think we're cool; they know their making money.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Come on, anon. You don't think "Suck my puppet dick, bitch" can become the biggest catchphrase since "I drink your milkshake"??

DeAngelo Starnes said...

This sounds like some good satire. I used to frequent this movie house in Denver in '79 - 81 that specialized in Black grindhouse, blaxploitation, and B movies in general. Ain't no experience like it. Talking to the movie. Sneaking in brews. Smoking, uh, substances you can't buy in the store, and tongue-kissing with the occasional feel in the back corner.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ I think one of those "funny cigarettes" would enhance the viewing experience of "Black Devil Doll" immensely, DeAngelo.

DeAngelo Starnes said...

You might be right, but then I'd have to assume your pseudonym.

dez said...

I'm not sure whether I like "Suck my puppet dick, bitch!" or "He's a muthafuckin' puppet!" better.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ I think I'll try 'em both out next time I'm at the supermarket.

memomachine said...


Any mention of Sprite?

Is this really all that innovative?

Show'em my motto!

memomachine said...


Stuff White People Like

Ok this is a moderately funny website.

Well to me it is.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Quite amusing indeed. Thanks, Memo.

I particularly liked the post on "Expensive Sandwiches."

aml said...

Oh, so that's where Franklin is now. GOB was just holding him back all those years.

Blaark said...

The only way the Lewis Brothers could ruin Black Devil Doll is actually making the movie. Every remarkable Blacksploitation flick from bygone days had about five minutes worth of content and a life-time of filler... This kitch-cool trailer should be left as is and everyone should just walk away...

memomachine said...



"I particularly liked the post on "Expensive Sandwiches.""

It's amazingly true. Even for a conservative friend of mine. He's married to a nice Chinese woman and have a cute-as-hell daughter all of 9 years old. They're total "organic" freaks and spend ridiculous amounts of money shopping at Whole Foods.

They also, because she's Chinese, buy a lot of food products ***made in China***! WTF? Considering all of the stuff in the news about food originating from China who would be foolish enough to buy any?

I must say, as an ethnic Asian, that being white must come with a certain amount of madness.

Undercover Black Man said...

This kitch-cool trailer should be left as is and everyone should just walk away...

Too late, Blaark. It's a real trailer. They actually made the movie.

dez said...

Oh, so that's where Franklin is now. GOB was just holding him back all those years.

Hahahhahaa! Great ref!

dj said...

Wow this is the most horrible & offensive thing I have ever seen!

I have shown it to a few people and we are in agreement as to our need to act quickly.


Gotta get to the Ohio screening before it is sold out.
Texas would be a bit of a stretch as tempting as that is.

Even in this crazy P.C. world,everyone needs to be able to enjoy at least one guilty pleasure if not all of them.

They should have got Rod Perry for a cameo as General Ahmed.