Thursday, December 20, 2007

Just in time for the holidays... ‘Stop Snitching 2’

Hat-tip: Breitbart TV.


SJ said...


I think it's pretty clear that the "no snitching rule" extends to more than just the "non-players".

Michael Fisher said...

How does the "entertainment" depicted on this DVD differ from that of "The Wire"?

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Oh Michael... you do like to scrap, don't you? ;^D

Off the dome, I would say that the key distinction is that "Stop Snitching 2" is designed to promote a culture of criminality... a criminal value system. While "The Wire" is designed to explore artistically -- and to critique -- the criminal value system which contributes so much to the poor quality of life in Baltimore and other American cities.

Michael Fisher said...

Well, I've seen neither Snitching 1 or 2, but I was an avid consumer of the first few seasons of "The Wire". which, incidentally, I thought, were brilliantly done.

I found that white councilman running for mayor interesting. Was/is he a white supremacist?

The white chick that was screwing the married black police lieutenant (or was he a captain) you know, the bald dark-skinned guy.

That was a classic situation I've seen again and again in real life. Why do you think so many dark skinned brothers love white women? Especially ugly ones?

Now I don't quite recall where these guys got all the drugs from which they were selling on the street corners.

Could you refresh my memory?

Undercover Black Man said...

^ I'm gonna make my own series of DVDs for cats like you, Fisher. It'll be called: "Stop Bitching."

Dragon Horse said...

I got a solution for all these Barbarians.

The movie will be called "Chinaman stop whuppin my black @$$"

We should round up all these fools and export them immediately to Singapore for 50-60 strikes of a cane.

Then we should send them over to China and pay the Chinese to put them in a Laogai (Chinese Gulog) and let them work 12 hours a day and sleep on concrete floors while a Chinese guard is beating their @SS on the regular for a year. They will also have to confess all their sins, write them down, and bed forgiveness on a regular basis.

After a year of this, only the most hardcore savage or retard will not act right. Those folks we should just execute.

China and Singapore don't have "stop snitching" or a lot of repeat offenders.

If we can send Terrorist to Pakistan and Egypt for "In-Terror-Gation" we can send a few thousand hard core thugs to China and pay for a prison complex to be set up.

That is all I have to say about that. Dragon Horse/Undercover Black Man 2008, don't sleep on it:

"Change Make Change Happen; One Way or Another"

Dragon Horse said...


Darkskinned brother like fat ugly women, because those same "dark skinned brothers" are usually ugly and low brow and would be dating a fat ugly black woman.

You don't see many upwardly mobile young black dark skin males with a big fat tube of lard trailer park white girl. Those brothers who go that route are typically ones dressed in some 10 year old Fubu babbling about some nonsense no one can understand.

Here is one of your favorite questions...

"what is ugly"?

How do you define ugly?

Who told you what was ugly?


Reality is if a woman is symmetrical (not like the Elephant Man) some fool with find her attractive.

I see some of the ugliest women in the world who I would probably vomit if I saw naked with multiple kids (of all races) on a weekly basis.

Undercover Black Man said...

Dragon Horse wrote: "Dragon Horse/Undercover Black Man 2008, don't sleep on it:"

Ummm... DH, I love having you here in the House of Love. But I have NOT co-signed any of this gulag/work camp/concentration camp/death camp sheeeyit you be runnin' down.

So we ain't quite running mates.

Dragon Horse said...

Everyone around here is so serious. I'm joking.

Do you imagine a Gulog Bill passing the House of Rep or the Senate in the next 10 years? :0

Dragon Horse said...


My real opinion is that none of this is going to change in the near future.

American cities will continue to do what they are going to do.

That is isolate and contain high crime areas and keep the thugs out of the areas that actual pay a majority of the tax and create business.

They will slowly push the poor out of prized real estate (as is happening in Houston, NYC, DC, Philly) and you will have a world like The Running Man, but without the Dome around the city, but a de facto dome will exist.

No one will do anything major to break the cycle of barbaric behavior that is now cultural and fixed in the minds and heads of many of the black underclass (although not the majority) until something really really bad happens. Not one L.A. Riot but multiple, until it gets so out of hands whites can't ignore it.

Then there will be an OVERREACTION the American way.

As America burns, I will be going to Japan with my wife and watch the nonsense on CNN International; saying, "I told you so"...

I expect all hell to break lose around 2030-2040 right before the white population goes below 50% (the official estimates of 2050 are crap, Hispanics are coming and having more babies than they can count on the census, they are underestimating, I know that from living in Houston).

That's what I think...

Dragon Horse said...


If you want an example of what I'm picturing, look at France, same thing but 100% worse because our thugs are pure sociopaths with firearms that rival the cops.

America will be two countries. A developed one and a 3rd world one. It will get worse with more outsourcing and global competition and we both know ghetto folks will talk the talk but not do a damn thing to make themselves competitive for information society jobs (on average).

Most blacks (like today) will be fine, as they will largely keep up (even if they keep getting lower grades and SAT scores compared to whites and Asians...whatever...even after Affirmative Action ends (likely in the nex 5-10 years) they will still be able to earn at a middle class wage.

So when it all hits the fan, the National Guard will be brought in (like L.A. Riots)...eventually people will get fed up as "white folks and wealthier Asians, blacks, Hispanics" won't feel safe and will pressure politicians to "crack down"..think Nixon Part II.

I call this Intifada USA ver. 2.0

That is what I seriously think is likely to happen, but I will be almost retired by then...and do not plan to be in this country, so whatever...

Lola Gets said...

You know, Id like to see the "Stop Bitching" series, so be sure to post some!

DeAngelo Starnes said...

^lola, Stop Bitching - hilarious!

DeAngelo Starnes said...

dragonhorse is full of self-hatred, ain't he? Catch us on Stakes Be High, Pt. 3, if you got the balls.