Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A James Brown contest

To honor the passing of James Brown one year ago on Christmas Day, I decided to mess around with my GarageBand software and do a J.B. memorial mix.

Then I decided: Let’s make this interesting.

So here’s a contest. In my 6-minute J.B. memorial mix, there are pieces from eight different tracks by James Brown or his band. The first person to name all eight tracks will win a prize.

That prize is a double-CD called “Funky Good Time: The Anthology” by the J.B.’s (Mr. Brown’s backing band). The J.B.’s featured at various times Maceo Parker, Bootsy Collins, Fred Wesley and “Pee Wee” Ellis. This is ’70s funk at its finest.

Put your answers in the comments section. Guess as many times as you like. What I need are eight correct song titles.

Now, to hear the 6-minute mix, click here.

UPDATE (12/26/07): We have a winner. Andre Alexander identified all eight tracks in the comments section of my Vox blog. Here they are:

“The Funky Side of Town”
“Make It Funky”
“It’s the J.B.’s Monaurail”
“Hot Pants”
“Don’t Tell It”
“Talkin’ Loud and Sayin’ Nothing”
“Funky President”
“Hot Pants Road”


Bklyn6 said...

Go, Mixmaster UBM!

I started off hot, but then missed one or two joints. However, I was reminded of Michel'le's Nicety.

Was the Godfather of Soul the most sampled man in showbiz, or what?!

DeAngelo Starnes said...

I already have that JB's Anthology, but fairly certain I got these. I'll sit out and let other folks try their hand.

Happy Holidays!

Undercover Black Man said...

Your generosity is appreciated, DeAngelo. Andre Alexander posted the winning answers on my Vox blog a couple hours ago, so he cops the prize.

I'll post them on the main page right now.

jjbrock said...

Thanks for remember the The God Father Of Soul Mr. Jame Brown. What a man. He left us with a great legacy. Thanks Mr. Brown for coming through my time.