Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A free E.U. download

Waving my D.C. flag again...

Long before there was a “European Union,” the letters “E.U.” stood for one thing only: Experience Unlimited, one of D.C.’s best funk bands.

Back in the mid-’80s, when Chris Blackwell of Island Records took a fancy to Washington’s polyrhythmic “go-go” sound, the local music scene thought it was about to break out globally.

Grace Jones did a go-go-flavored record. Island even bankrolled a movie, which E.U. performed in.

But it was Spike Lee, a few years later, who launched E.U. to the top of the charts by showcasing “Da Butt” in “School Daze.”

I still prefer the old-school rawness of “E.U. Freeze” m’self... but I don’t blame the band for trying to capitalize on nostalgia by presenting a new mix – “Da Butt 2008.”

To hear it streaming on my Vox blog, click here.

To download it as a FREE MP3, click the song title below. (The “School Daze Revisted” album includes tracks by new D.C. artists.)

“Da Butt 2008” (MP3)
Album available at iTunes Music Store
Album available at Amazon


daughterofthedream said...

I am cracking up! I used to see Sugar Bear at the mall (Landover or Forest Village, can't remember now) and I saw the old video recently on late-night Vh-1 Soul. Everyone looked so...regular.

Undercover Black Man said...

Yep, Daughter... down-to-earth guys. Sugar Bear, Big Tony... I don't know about the newbreeds.

VDOVault said...

The remix was an interesting idea but it feels too polished and maybe a little too...slow. 80s vintage go-go was more crazy fun.

Give me some old Chuck Brown anyday though.