Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Grace

Merry Christmas to all! (Hat-tip: Ernest Hardy.)


Bill_45 said...

Best Christmas special EVAR!

Undercover Black Man said...

^ And I don't even remember it, Bill. And I came across another clip with Charo.

When the writers' strike is over (and I stop boycotting DVDs), I must buy this.

Bill_45 said...

It's both a brilliant spoof of Christmas specials (takes about 5 minutes to introduce all the stars appearing on the show) and a great show itself.

And all the gay (not so sub)text. Adults will be rolling on the floor while the kids just enjoy Pee Wee being Pee Wee.

This was years before kd Lang came out, but here she flounces around during one song more than Little Richard. Who Pee Wee and Magic Johnson meet while sleigh riding.

And the shirtless bricklayers...

I can't recommend this enough. My only disappointment was finding out the Marine choir wasn't tricked into being on this and instead it's the UCLA men's choir dressed as Marines.