Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Bonus freebie: ‘Sometimes I Wish I Was White’

Thanks to Bklyn6 for pointing me to a singer named Allen Watty, who wants to draw a little attention to himself with a song called “Sometimes I Wish I Was White.”

The title is just an eye-grabber. The song is some same ol’ simple-minded self-pitying blame-whitey bullshit.

Wanna hear it on my Vox blog? Click here.

You can download a FREE MP3, if you’re so inclined, direct from Mr. Watty. He’s offering other tracks as well, such as “The N Word Song” and “The Snitching Song.” (What, no remake of “Cill My Landlord”?)

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Bklyn6 said...

I think the song was written by Irvin Lee. I'm not upset by it. Actually, when I heard it one of the first things that came to mind was that Eddie Murphy SNL skit. (I also thought of The Field Negro's blog post "I wish I was a white person's pet".)

I guess at the heart of the matter is fairness and equality across the board.

I listened to the other Watty songs--I think. I mean, they sounded so much alike, same tempo, same format. The choruses are too repetitive. A couple of songs are over 7 minutes long! If it ain't a remix, a 3-4 minute radio edit should suffice, IMO.

And why's he tryin' to look like Jamie Foxx? :-P