Monday, November 26, 2007

A free Rudresh Mahanthappa download

You don’t find many Hindu South Asian jazz cats. (Or maybe I don’t know where to look.) But Brooklyn-based Rudresh Mahanthappa is a rising star on the alto sax.

Click here to check out a track called “The Decider,” streaming on my Vox blog. It’s from Mahanthappa’s 2006 CD “Codebook”.

“The Decider” is available as a FREE MP3 download. Just follow this link to, scroll down, and you’ll see it under “Music Samples.”

UPDATE (11/26/07): Mr. Mahanthappa has informed me that he is not Hindu. That’s what I get for relying on Wikipedia. (Take a lesson, friends.)

Meanwhile, here’s one more FREE MP3, for those of you who are registered at It’s another track off “Codebook.”

You can stream more of Rudresh’s music at

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