Friday, November 16, 2007

A free Jef Lee Johnson download

Time for more Jef Lee Johnson love. Matter fact, I’m a little late.

I posted a Q&A with the Philly-based guitarist in February. Now let me point y’all to a FREE MP3 that gives a sense of his peculiarly funky urban-blues style.

Follow this link to Jef Lee’s MySpace page. Check the music player for “A Song Shook the World.” (It’s off his 2002 CD “Things Are Things.”) Click “Download.”

To stream “A Song Shook the World” on my Vox blog, click here.

I’ve uploaded something extra. Jef Lee put out a new CD over the summer. (Actually, it came out two years ago in France, but the re-release is the first I’ve heard of it.) It’s called “Thisness,” and it’s downloadable from iTunes, and eMusic.

Click here to hear Mr. Johnson’s burning 12-minute rendition of “Compared to What,” the Gene McDaniels protest song made famous by Les McCann and Eddie Harris. Philly sax men Ben Schachter and Ron Reddy also stretch out on this one.

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