Friday, November 2, 2007

Are y’all ready for a sex scandal...

... that would blow the doors off the 2008 presidential race?

It could be coming. “John and Ken” of KFI – the L.A. talk-radio powerhouse – were all abuzz tonight about this blog post by journalist/book author Ron Rosenbaum.

John and Ken speculated that this two-month-old post on Big Head DC, a political gossip blog, might be related.

I vividly remember the first time I read the name “Monica Lewinsky.” It was on the Drudge Report. I remember which room of my old apartment I was sitting in, with a Mac laptop that now serves as a paperweight.

The first news of President Clinton receiving blowjobs from a White House intern... it just laid me out.

I won’t say now that it struck me as the dawn of a new media age. But in the decade since, a whole vast infrastructure of bloggers has evolved, their information and gossip bleeding over into right-wing talk radio and the cable-TV news shows... and sometimes into papers like the New York Times and Washington Post, which used to set the national media agenda.

If/when this scandal explodes, it’ll go like a California wildfire.


SJ said...

Huma Abedin is gorgeous, but I have a hard time believing the fact that Hilary has been sleeping with her.

The Edwards thing has been reported before...also, if it's such a big secret I'm guessing it's a Democrat.

I kinda hope this is true (is that wrong?), but it's probably not.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ If true... and if it's Hillary-related... you think Al Gore might be called upon to step in?

I think Edwards and Obama might look even more lightweight without Hillary Clinton at the head of the pack.

estiv said...

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this will completely fizzle out--that there's nothing there. Bill's the mindless horndog in that dyad, not Hills. (And I use the term mindless horndog with the greatest affection and respect.) Whatever Hillary's character flaws, a deeply hidden recklessness is not one of them. If she were a lesbian, she would divorce Bill, step out of the closet, and deal with her fate straight up.

Anonymous said...

The one thing we know about Hillary is that she wants the Presidency more than her last breath. She's not going to give it up for a piece of tail.

Bay Radical said...

Well, as a Certified Lesbo, I can report that rumors of Hillary's Sapphic tendencies have persisted in my 'community' for many, many years. The same way that rumors of the Indigo Girls and Queen Latifa circulated before they came out (oh ya, Latifa never came out, but come on people.)

Thembi Ford said...

This story is too easy to believe that it can't be true - Hillary being a lesbian makes SO much sense to me that analysis is not even needed! I can picture Bill and Hills having an 'arrangement' especially if she starting exploring her options later in life.
That said, it all could be a dream come true if they called in Al Gore to pitch hit. With a woman and a black dude as our frontrunners I feel like the Democratic choices are just so weak in the eyes of most Americans...I really think we need to review the two-term limit and get Bill's behind on the ballot.

Undercover Black Man said...

Thembi: Al Gore's name definitely popped in my head. Not that I'm letting my mind run wild at the first whiff of rumor.

But still... whatever the L.A. Times has got cooking, it's gonna get out some kind of way. Front page or back channel.

Bay Radical: I'm embarrassed... I always assumed you were a dude! (Even when you tipped your hat to me regarding the lesbian standup comics post.)

The Internet is weird that way.

Anonymous said...


This is interesting but it truly is a rumor. Keep in mind that Hillary has been accused of murder in the past---all types of accusations about her and her husband.

I just don't believe she'd take that chance. People have a tendency to make accusations against people who work closely together.

I remember years ago taking a coworker to lunch to congratulate him on being promoted to a new job. As a result, TWO people asked me if I was dating that married man.

It boggled my mind. So I feel for HIllary, actually.

Undercover Black Man said...

I hear you, Lynn. And until a legitimate news organization like the L.A. Times reports something, I will assume nothing.

Alas, with the world we live in, this rumor could bubble up into the mainstream numerous ways before any such confirmation. A mega-blog like Drudge... a talk-radio heavyweight like Rush Limbaugh... a Fox News operative...

Stakes is high. The game is gonna get hard.

odocoileus said...

I thought Hil's dating girls was old news. They had stories in the tabloids with photos of her alleged girlfriend years ago.

My question is, what does all this mean? Is Hilary really sleeping w/ her assistant? How can anybody prove it?

You've been around enough to have heard of "lesbian bed death". How much sex does the typical 60 year old lesbian have? Hell, how much sex does the typical 60 year old breeder gal have if her hubby's not twisting her arm?

Does somebody have photos of one going down on the other? Massaging the other's breasts? Makeout sessions?

If nobody can prove that they're actually having sex with each other, then where is the scandal?

They may very well be deeply in love with each other in an
emotional sense. I would hope that a 60 year old woman who aspires to the most powerful job in the world could control her physical urges well enough to avoid sleeping with an employee.

SJ said...

Whatever the case, I think most of us would agree that Hilary being together with Huma Abedin is kinda hot. She does look good for a 60-year old.

Or am I the only one who thought of this?

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Hee-hee...

Thembi Ford said...

She does look good! Hillary is only unattractive to us because Bill wasn't trying to lock it down. She's a woman of power, which has to be attractive...this is being said by someone who, if Tony Soprano were a real person, would go there.

Undercover Black Man said...

She's a woman of power, which has to be attractive...

Yeah, Thembi, that's the thing. Do we wanna take a chance on another Clinton in the Oval Office being orally pleasured by a young female intern??


Damn... I'm seriously starting to hope that this rumor is bogus and it never flames up.

Undercover Black Man said...

But if it's gonna flame up... better now than after she's the Democratic nominee.

Obie Joe Media said...

Riffing more on your point about the speed of the scandal, I wonder if the addition of blogs, etc. shortens the news cycle on the scandals. A scandal flares up quick and intense, but sputters out in a few days.

And -- I think the scandal might relate to Guiliani's current affair with a fundraiser in TX. In last month's Vanity Fair profile of Guilani, the woman was named.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Interesting about Giuliani, Obie Joe. Could very well be what the L.A. Times is (allegedly) sitting on.

As to the life cycle of scandals... this could support its own field of scientific inquiry. I think the danger to a presidential candidate is... it's not just new media influencing old media. It's new media, old media, and whole batallions of play-for-keeps political operatives who will use any good weapon they can grab.

Let's say the Giuliani rumor is true and gets proven and goes topside. Then he's toast. Republicans are already working hard to look past the previous divorces plural, the intrafamilial drama, recreational cross-dressing, and other stuff unbecoming of a "family values" candidate.

If you think Giuliani and his wife could pull off a Bill-and-Hillary "60 Minutes" damage control dealie... nuh-uh.

Bay Radical said...

I'm embarrassed... I always assumed you were a dude!

Well, so did the soccer mom in the CPK bathroom tonight. So you're in good company. Seriously, it's been scientifically proven that I write like a guy. Also, I swear like a sailor (but I break like a little girl).

Also, sex scandal or no, I'm betting the farm that Hillary is taking this one. Believe me, the idea of a continuing Clinton Dynasty depresses the shit out of me, but I'm pretty sure that Giuliani's appearance alone is probably enough to kill his chances.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Thembi, that's the thing. Do we wanna take a chance on another Clinton in the Oval Office being orally pleasured by a young female intern??


Heh, it didn't bother me when the first Clinton did it! It takes a village of interns to keep the Clinton White House running.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why anyone would be surprised about Hillary being bisexual. The State Troupers and Jennifer Flowers told us all that long ago. My surprise is that with all her baggage, the fact that she and her husband ran a criminal empire in Arkansas (illegal drug trade) that our dumbed down society would want someone who should be in jail, (ah la Martha Stuart for insider trading at the very least, or the worst, conspiracy to commit murder, see Clinton death list) to hold ANY public office. WAKE UP AMERICA!