Monday, October 22, 2007

Something smokin’ from Vernon Reid, Jamaaladeen Tacuma and Calvin Weston

Sometimes I feel culturally deprived living in L.A.

For instance, one of the best bass players in the world is Jamaaladeen Tacuma from Philadelphia. Thirteen years I’ve been in California, and in that time Jamaaladeen has never been brought here.

Yet he’s about to tour Europe alongside Vernon Reid and G. Calvin Weston. They call themselves Free Form Funky Freqs, and next month they’ll burn a path from Munich to Cologne to Amsterdam to Vienna to Budapest to Warsaw to Berlin...

Vernon Reid I’m sure you’re aware of. Weston is a drummer whose connection to Jamaaladeen dates back to Ornette Coleman’s Prime Time band. Since then Weston has played with the likes of James “Blood” Ulmer, James Carter, Marc Ribot and Dave Fiuczynski.

So we’re talking about one hell of a jazz-funk power trio.

Reid, Tacuma and Weston played a Philadelphia club date in March which is documented in a couple of clips on YouTube. Check this out:


DeAngelo Starnes said...

If culturally deprived in LA, guess how I feel in Denver. This kinda combo only makes it in Europe, it seems like. I remember Jean-Paul Bourelly, Will Calhoun, Daryl Jones, and Mark Batson once toured Europe. I would've loved to have seen that combo.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Ho-ly shit!

Yeah, DeAngelo, Bourelly was living in Berlin for a while. Which embarrassed me as an American. I don't think he's even been through L.A. either.