Saturday, October 13, 2007

Something country from Rissi Palmer

Below is the video for “Country Girl” by a new artist named Rissi Palmer. She is the first black woman in 20 years to have a single on Billboard’s country-music chart. (Hat-tip: Terrence Says..., by way of Booker Rising.)

Peachy cool by me. “Country Girl” has a funky little snap to it, Palmer is easy on the peepers, and as a piece of marketing this video couldn’t put white people more at ease.

Go ’head and make that money, girl. And sing what’s in your heart.

Her album comes out on October 23.


estiv said...

I love it as a positive social phenomenon. But musically...Shania Twain light, which was not exactly deep to begin with. Still, I guess that just means she's like ninety percent of the female country singers of the last ten years. All in all, well, more power to her.

The interface between Southern black music and Southern white music may be the most interesting cultural borderland in our nation's history. I won't list all the usual suspects here (Ray Charles, Hank Williams, et al.), but for one little note I will say that I was blown away seeing Ike Turner on the PBS history of rock and roll demonstrate how "white" Chuck Berry's rhythms were. I'd never gotten that before. Listen to "Maybellene" and something like Joe Turner's original version of "Shake, Rattle and Roll" and the difference is obvious.

Comb & Razor said...

very easy on the eyes!

dunno how i feel about the actual music, though... i don't like too much contemporary country music in general.

i'll probably still end up copping her album anyway, just because i'm the sort of brother who likes to support black folk working outside the box on G.P.

Lisa G said...

You really don't need to be from West Virginia to have it in ya. Just pick up a gingham shirt at Kohl's and you'll be good to go.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Ouch!

AirBourne said...

Hey there, if you type "Rissi Palmer, Bajan Reporter" in Google, then you will see I have been tracking her since June or July, if ya like Alannah Myles or Tina Turner doing "Nutbush City Limits" then Rissi's stuff is no prob. Her agents are 1720 Entertainment, they also deal with Alison Hinds from Barbados!

Latimer said...

Well it's true... I've just been waiting for a black country singer... oh wait, I still won't listen to country music... sorry.

Jeanne said...

Would say I'm 'surprised' by some of the so called comments posted here, but then again I'd be lying. And you wonder why people of color are having a hard time crossing over into other music genre's.
I got to see Ms. Palmer perform here in New York city (to a large white and black group who thoroughly loved what we heard.), and you could tell she was truly singing the music that she's LOVED from a very young child, but it seems as if some of us so-called humans don't know excellent music when it's presented to us.

Not one morning show here in the infamous state of New York (New York City to be exact) has had the 'guts' to showcase her talent, so that the rest of America could see what they're missing out on, but then again who wants to hear "real singers" who have a heart for their music?

Yes LisaG, you could be a country girl by picking up a gingham skirt in Kohl's, but apparently you missed the real meaning behind what she was actually saying, unless that is you could really care less. Walk in her shoes, and try as hard as she's trying, then tell me just how funny you think it is? I wish Rissi nothing but the best, and hope to God that she gets the 'recognition' due one of the most talented "country music" singers, the USA has seen yet.

Kudos to you Rissi and God bless.