Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Negro Public Radio

I was part of the black bloggers’ roundtable this morning on Farai Chideya’s NPR program, “News & Notes.” Follow this link to if you want to stream that audio.

My fellow bloggers today were Angela Winters (Politopics) and Richard Graves (DJ Black Adam).

We beated our gums about Oprah’s South African school scandal, Denzel’s new gangster flick, and the untold racial dimensions of trick-or-treating.


tAnYeTTa said...

what?????????--the untold racial dimensions of trick-or-treating.

i'm clueless. i need to find out about this.

Invisible Woman said...

tanyetta-that is funny...ubm-interesting comments on american gangster.

btw-time for a baby :-)

memomachine said...


Man it seems that no matter what Oprah tries to do to help people something really messed up always happens.