Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Maria Bamford... silly goose!!

My favorite standup comedian of the moment is Maria Bamford. She is smart, silly, subversive, sometimes sick. She is the rarest of show-business mammals: an original voice.

She’s down with Patton Oswalt and his “Comedians of Comedy” crew. (You know I digs Oswalt.) Bamford is on the road with them right now... Pittsburgh tonight, Chicago on Thursday, and then to Ann Arbor, Buffalo, Cleveland...

Maria Bamford has put out two comedy albums: “The Burning Bridges Tour” (2003) and “How to WIN!” (2007). I’m streaming a little bit of both on my Vox blog.

Click here to hear her poke fun at her body.

Then click here and hear her goof on Nigella Lawson and Alicia Keys. (How’s that for unusual targets?)


Sean said...

Maria is amazing, and at the top of her game right now. If you like her albums, see her live ASAP.

Dan Coyle said...

Oswalt did Reaper last night and he was hilarious. Too hilarious, actually, because he highlighted how dull some of the other characters are.

Uncle Crizzle said...

All the Comedians of Comedy are insanely funny. I was just listening to selections from Patton Oswalt's "Feelin' Kinda Patton" album yesterday. (His Robert Evans bit still is off-the-muscle hilarious.)

I even like Zach Galifianakis, who kinda ambushed me once when I wrote a bad review of his failed VH1 talk show for a Baltimore paper years ago. He sent me an e-mail claiming to be an editor for Popular Mechanics looking for freelancers. (Hey, I needed the bread — I need the bread now!) I call up the number and next thing I know, some lady is telling me to hold for him. He then gets on, pretending to sob and saying he's gonna jump off a building because of what I wrote. I was still shocked that somebody outside of where I lived read something I wrote.

The thing is, I still think he's a brilliant stand-up. But I reiterated to him what I wrote — he just looked awkward interviewing celebs on TV. He's much better at making people laugh. Let Seacrest and Billy Bush handle that schmoozing crap.

odocoileus said...

Girlfriend definitely has the upper midwust (that's how they say it) thing down. One of my college roommates was from Duluth, and I live in WisKAHNsun for several years. It's a different country.

Loved her impression of meeting her high school rival cashiering in Target. Spot on.