Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hat’s off to The Field Negro

The L.A. Times today published a front-page feature story on the rise of the black blogosphere, focusing on The Field Negro... alter ego of Philadelphia lawyer Wayne Bennett.

Great article, and Field deserves the play. So cheers to him.

The Field Negro writes with a bracing wit... though perhaps he spends too much time classifying other black folks as coons, sell-outs, lawn jockeys and house Negroes.

Well, he hasn’t put me in his digital shithouse yet... so until that day, I heartily recommend you check him out.


ItAintEazy said...

Well, while we are on the subject on the black blogoshpere, I'm surprised that this dude isn't already on your blogroll. Lord knows I don't promote websites, not even my own shitty blog, but I swear by the holy trinity (steak, beer, and p***y), that everything that Azrael-san writes is pure gold.

RC said...

I don't know if I would be field or house or patio and until I get a melanin transfusion that's how it will be.
I only checked out Mr Field because of your link, but after searching for ten minutes I can't find anything there I greatly disagree with, but sooner or later I will find a point of contention.
Yeah, as the Koran says, Words were made for arguments, but in the meanwhile, and even after locating some friction in the future, I really like the Field site. Words and layout very admirable.
Thanks UBM and I hope you do not get the lawn jockey citation over there.

jena6 said...

I liked his I wish I was a white person's pet, especially a dog post. As soon as I heard about Leona Helmsley leaving all that money to her dog Trouble, I thought about it. Thought about it again this week when I heard about Ellen Degeneris's dog issues.

Ann Brock said...

I like his blogging style. I like the way you write also, I have been checking out your blog for a while this is the 1st time that I left a comment. Great stuff!

Undercover Black Man said...

Thank you, Mrs. Brock!

Latimer said...

He's a funny man although I have to say that I was pretty uncomfortable at the prospect of my roomate just catching a glimpse of me reading anything with such a preponderance of the word nigger in it.

That's all I need... I'm already a libertarian conservative and if you label me a racist then any shot I have at getting laid until the prussian blue twins grow up is shot to hell.