Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The art of Peter Dean Rickards

I have to thank one of my readers – Nigerian blogger Comb & Razor – for pointing me to The Afflicted Yard, the website of badass Jamaican photographer Peter Dean Rickards.

His glamour shots are hot. (And sometimes kinda freaky.)

Rickards also shoots famous musicians, such as Spragga Benz and Lee Scratch Perry.

He shoots slice-of-life type thangs too, like the hilarious “Dogball” series. (Is this a well-known Jamaican pastime... tossing a small dog high in the air and catching it for fun?)

Mainly, though, it’s about the womens.

You could spend a nice afternoon digging the art of Peter Dean Rickards.

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Anonymous said...

Is this the same Peter Dean Rickards???