Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Wednesday 45 Flashback: ‘Look-Ka Py Py’

New Orleans funk is a special kind of funk, and nobody delivered it like the legendary Meters.

This tune, from the 45 collection of spoonfedcornbread, was a medium-sized hit, reaching No. 11 on the R&B singles chart in early 1970.

UPDATE (09/13/07): Oh crap, y’all. Looks like YouTube has suspended spoonfedcornbread’s account! If you try to check out any of his spinning platters, it’ll say: “This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.”

Dammit. Dee-double-dammit. I sure hope my calling attention to him didn’t lead to his downfall. I didn’t even know this was illegal. He was just an oldies deejay to me... playing cool records and getting people excited about music... bringing back sweet memories...

Shit. I don’t even have a way to contact him and find out what the deal is. We communicated through YouTube messages. Wow. I couldn’t wait to embed 45s like “I’m Doin’ Fine Now” and “Remember Me.”


Steven said...

Ziggy is such a great drummer that sometimes I think he might even distract the listener from the rest of the music being played ... his intricacies demand your attention.

susie said...

Ooooh! Thanks for the remembering. I got into the Funky, FUNKY Meters in the late 80s, was turned onto them by friends who were into the jam band scene. I got to see some smoking shows in Colorado. Wished I could've seen them at jazz fest. Loved Leo Nocentelli lots and saw some of his solo shows, but it weren't the same.