Monday, September 17, 2007

Nona Hendryx on UBM-TV

“... I think that we as a people discard what we have too quickly and don’t sustain it. And if it’s good, you can’t blame somebody else for picking it up. ... You leave a good-looking woman laying around, somebody gonna pick that up!”

That’s Nona Hendryx talking about rock ’n’ roll and race.

My thanks to a commenter named George, who pointed me to the BoldasLIVE webpage, which is a spinoff of Rob Fields’s black-rock blog, Bold As Love.

Two months ago in New York, BoldasLIVE presented a conversation with Ms. Hendryx; the video is on YouTube (and on my Video Bar for the time being).

This is absolutely what the Internet should be about: free cultural knowledge, to inform and inspire. Rock on, Rob Fields.


jena6 said...

I own that Nona Hendryx comp! My favorite songs are "Transformation" and "Keep it Confidential". The CD is available at for $199.92! Zoinks!

I saw her (perform?) at an AIDS Dance years ago. Total brickhouse. She must be pushing 60 now.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ The CD is available at for $199.92! Zoinks!

Makes you feel kinda good when that happens, doesn't it? I own that comp as well. I remember when "Transformation" and "Keep It Confidential" first came out. They got played on the radio... I think they were decent-sized hits.

Don't know why the best-of would be such a rarity.

jena6 said...

I notice that the distributor is Razor & Tie. Maybe the price is so high because they don't do reissues? I say this because years ago I came across "Boogie Fever: The Best of the Sylvers." I contemplated buying it, but thought: "Oh, nobody's gonna buy this. I'll pick it up next time." Went back a week later and it was GONE!!!

And thus began my mad search. I tried in hopes of obtaining it from overseas, eBay, even went to a record convention to find it. Zilch. Alas, I contacted the distributor--Razor & Tie! I was told that it wouldn't be reissued.

I still kick myself for not purchasing it when I had the chance.

So, I guess I'll hold on to the Nona comp for the next time the "Antique Roadshow" comes to town. *wink*

Undercover Black Man said...

Dang, Jena6, I got that Sylvers joint too! Want me to burn a copy?

jena6 said...

Ahhh...sookie, sookie, now!