Saturday, September 8, 2007

Larry David’s little-seen Internet cartoon

Looking forward to tomorrow night’s return of “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” Yeah, the 2005 season was hit-and-miss. But when a concept pays off for Larry David, it’s like a Fourth of July of funny. (My jaw hit the floor during the “Producers” finale.)

In the new season premiere, it looks like Larry is taking in a hurricane-displaced black family. “Curb Your Enthusiasm” has done some great racial comedy in the past (like with “Krazee-Eyez Killah”). So, like I said... looking forward.

But let’s look back also. To a little treat buried in a back closet of the internets.

Anybody remember and the Flash-animation boom at the turn of the century? Remember “Mr. Wong” and “Li’l Pimp”?

Well, before he got “Curb Your Enthusiam” cooking at HBO, Larry David messed around and created his own Internet cartoon – a political satire called “The Paula Principle.”

He only made one 5-minute episode, voicing the character of “Chester Foster,” a U.S. Senator who gets his party’s nomination for the presidency... then suffers a crisis of confidence. “I’m in over my head! I can’t run for president! I’m an idiot!”

“The Paula Principle” is still archived at Only a few thousand people have ever watched it. Follow this link, give the cartoon a minute or two to load, then enjoy this odd little nugget from the gold-bearing comedy brain of Larry David.


JCD said...


Can I be your caucasian?


Undercover Black Man said...

^ Indeed. (And I won't nut in your eye.)

neptune said...

Larry David is the best. Was surprised to see Viveca Fox. Isn't she on some cop show? I wonder if she's going to be the "resident Black woman" now instead of Wanda Sykes...

Undercover Black Man said...

^ I sure do hope Wanda's going to be around this season. Vivica... I can't expect bursts of comic inspiration from her.

dez said...

I once won a contest on Icebox. The prize was a free t-shirt and a cel from an animated show featuring myself animated (I requested being put in a "Mr. Wong" cartoon). I received the tee, but never was turned into a cartoon because Icebox went under shortly thereafter.

Sniffle. Reliving that makes me sad. Think I'll go eat some penis and cheer up :-D

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Leave the balls for me to take home! ;^D