Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Jack McClellan, media-star ‘pedophile’

The weirdest ongoing news story of the summer in Southern California involved Jack McClellan, a self-identified “pedophile” who says he hasn’t actually had sexual contact with a child, but who used to blog about the cute little girls he’d see in public places.

(McClellan also used to take photos of children in public, then post them on his blog.)

Last week, McClellan left Los Angeles for Portland, feeling infringed upon by a court order prohibiting him from being within 30 feet of any place where children congregate.

Before coming to California, McClellan had been hounded out of Washington state for his Internet antics.

The weird part about all this is... Jack McClellan kept turning up on TV newscasts and talk-radio programs, freely discussing his legal difficulties and his attraction to pre-pubescent girls.

He gave Portland news organizations the heads-up on his arrival last week, telling the Oregonian newspaper that he chose Portland because of its “reputation as a Northwest haven for offbeat people.”

I am not the only one wondering, based on McClellan’s high media profile, whether we’re dealing with a mental disorder quite apart from pedophilia. Might McClellan be just a pathological attention-seeker? Can his declarations of “girl love” even be believed?

Tomorrow (Thursday), McClellan will be seen on “The Steve Wilkos Show,” a scuzzy new Jerry Springer spinoff. Presumably the entertainment value will accrue from big, bald Steve heaping verbal abuse on the pathetic “pedophile.”

This Wilkos appearance was taped a month or two ago; I heard about it at the time on my favorite talk-radio station, KFI. KFI followed the comings and goings of Jack McClellan with intense interest.

Last month, in fact, McClellan went to KFI’s studio for an on-air interview with John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou of “The John and Ken Show.”

I’m streaming a 4½-minute audio bite of that interview on my Vox blog. Click here to listen, and see what you make of him.


memomachine said...


Like stupidity and bureaucratic red tape there is no upper limit to sleaze.

dez said...

He's a sick bastard, no doubt.

Anonymous said...

This really sux! Last month we had to cancel our vacation to Chicago when we found out that Jack McClellan had moved their. Since we have a little girl we didn't want to take any chances. We decided to go to Portland instead. We again had to cancel our plans since Jack has moved there. What a bummer. I hope they get this guy

pedosexual said...

it's funny how pedophile-critics act like they can set age-limits on their sex-drives. i'm in my 30s & i'm sexually-drawn to kid-girls, bfd.