Monday, September 3, 2007

A free Wallace Roney download

One of the top jazzmen of his generation, trumpet player Wallace Roney has a sound and style evocative of Miles Davis. Which isn’t a surprise; Roney was Miles’s protégé in the late ’80s and early ’90s.

Roney is forward-thinking like Miles, too. His sextet includes a turntablist.

Let me point you to a FREE MP3 of “Cyberspace,” a fusiony track from Roney’s 2004 CD “Prototype.”

Follow this link to the website of Firehouse 12, a New Haven, Conn., venue. Scroll down and find a box labeled “Music Samples.” In it, you’ll see “Cyberspace.mp3.” Click “download” and it’s yours.

To give “Cyberspace” a test listen on my Vox blog, click here.

Wallace Roney’s new CD, “Jazz,” came out last month. It’s downloadable from eMusic and iTunes. (And so is “Prototype.”)

He does his best boppish blowing on the Bud Powell tune “Un Poco Loco.” I’m also streaming that at my Vox site; check it out.

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